We are based in St-Petersburg, Russia. Our office, showroom and manufacture are in one pretty place at Petrogradskaya side. We have a team of professionals who work on every item with love.

The first stage is design development, collection of references and creation of the first sketches. Next is the choice of fabrics. We work with proven warehouses in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and we bring materials for some collections from Italy - from a warehouse on Lake Como. All the designs are building on feelings of femininity and modern culture. Our designer discover the modern culture and find muses who inspire for new styles and items. It is very famous for us to create designs what will inspire, not bored.


There are two main criteria in the choice of materials: availability and quality. Before approval, we wear each new material, erase it, stretch it to see how it behaves in life - and only after practical experiments do we approve the final versions.


Before being sent to production, each model goes through a fitting stage to make sure that it will fit on any body type. Lovely Eva employees check things themselves: there are girls of various parameters in the team, and changes are made until every item fits perfectly. Formally, the size grid is from XS to L, but the latter size can be suitable for a girl of large volumes. This becomes possible precisely due to the demanding study of patterns - and the elasticity of materials. If it is impossible to achieve a perfect fit for a model in large size, the product is not produced. Quality is more important for Lovely Eva than quantity - this is our responsibility to our clients.


The next stage of checking the finished products is carried out in the cutting shop. Here Lovely Eva employees look through every seam - only after that the products are marked and sent to the warehouse, and then to their owners.