About brand

Lovely Eva is a bodysuit, lingerie and swimsuit brand based in St-Petersburg, Russia.


Lovely Eva clothes are made for adventure: they are light and compact, so you can throw them in your suitcase at any time if you want to jump off the spot. They do not wrinkle, they are universal - you can sleep in a shirt or bodysuit, or you can dance at a party, you can go to a film festival, or you can go out with your child. The main thing in the philosophy of the brand is that all things do not distract from life, do not draw attention to themselves, but allow you to forget about how you look, what you are wearing. To just enjoy life - be yourself.


The brand was launched in 2016. At first, the range included only two bodysuits, a top and panties, but soon it expanded to two full-fledged basic lines. And a year ago, in December 2019, creative producer and designer Anna Sokolova joined the team, who introduced new aesthetic guidelines and missions, author's collections that come out seasonally and her own view of beauty today. Each collection has its own mood, its own city and its own heroine, and design is an independent world of inner beauty. A variety of girls become muses.